About Us

Video Production Since 1999 


Yut Film & Video officially began providing video production services in 1999, but was inspired many years before through the combined film making, business training and corporate experience of its founders, James and Michael.

Our difference is our double-barrelled expertise - spanning the techniques of film and video production and narrative development, and knowledge of the communication needs and objectives of business.

Our Video and Storytelling Credentials

With over twenty years working in film and video production in Melbourne, we’ve learnt a few things about the elements that create an engaging story and what drives a compelling narrative. Even if the subject matter is dry or complex, we have the skills to translate your objectives and reinforce your message.  With our experienced script writing, inspired music selection, professional production techniques and editing, we create professional training videos, commercial videos, event videos, promotional videos and web videos.

Our Corporate Credentials

With degrees in marketing, business and finance, and former careers in the corporate world, the directors of Yut Film & Video understand the corporate and business perspective.

Our Crew

Yut's directors James and Michael are multi-skilled, but also draw on their extensive network of reliable and well-established professionals around the country including camera operators, editors, animators, sound recordists, gaffers, auto-cue operators, makeup artists, art designers, actors and presenters.

Melbourne-Based, but Australia-Wide

Yut Film & Video is a Melbourne based video production company, but has clients across Australia and travels regularly to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart.

We work in diverse settings including corporate offices, city streets, factories, deserts, forests, outback gas plants and Bass Strait oil rigs. Our team of skilled video production professionals aren’t daunted by new or unusual production locations, and easily adapt to a range of conditions.